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Best Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

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I debated long and hard and looked around in stores to get a hands-on sense of quality in cyclone-type canister vacuums. I was really tempted to go with a Hoover because they were so much less expensive. BUT - I'm 68 and while I'm still working full-time, I wanted to buy my last-ever vacuum and get one that would serve me really well and be a pleasure to use. I'm so tired of poorly-made junk that frustrates the heck out of me and makes cleaning much harder that it needs to be. I walked away from the Hoovers in the store because I wasn't convinced they were what I wanted and on my way out, I found myself standing in front of a display of Dyson fans. Those things amaaaaze me! I played with them for awhile and thought to myself: "That's the level of engineering you'd be getting with the Dyson vacuum." I searched online a few days later, read a bunch of reviews, and found the DC23 Animal canister listed through Amazon. Service was excellent and it came quickly. I opened it up, plugged in the hose and carpet attachment and went to town. I live with my daughter's family; 2 kids and 3 cats (2 of them long-haired), so there was plenty to test it out on. The attachments go on very easily, click into place beautifully and come off just as easily WHEN you want them to. No lousy pressure-fit that falls apart repeatedly throughout the job! The latches work wonderfully for hose and attachments.

The rug attachment is extremely well articulated and maneuvers AND EDGE CLEANS unbelievably well. It did a very credible job; removing all that pet hair very easily and effortlessly. The bare floor attachment is an absolute marvel! I took it downstairs where we're building an apartment for me and used it in and around the masses of extension cords, dust collection hoses, stored materials and clutter and debris - and cardboard all over the floor that we use to help protect the finished flooring 'till the job is done. To say I've just never seen anything like this floor attachment is such an understatement! It went in and around, over under and through all that mess and picked out the sawdust and grime and just sucked it all away; and using the little loop suction control in the D-handle on the wand, I was able even, to clean off plastic drop cloths without sucking them into the tubing. I use this vacuum down there all the time now to keep the work site clean. (We're past the drywall stage of the job - I would never use it or anything other than a shop vac. on drywall dust!) My Dyson has turned what was an exhausting chore for me into a pleasurable, easy thing to do. It (bare floor attachment) is designed so phenomenally well that it will easily turn until it is actually running parallel with the wand and can be pushed into spaces only about 2" wide to pick up dust and debris. It's so smooth and easy to work with that I marvel at it the whole time I'm cleaning. The attachments are also very low and go under many things no other vacuum I've used would clear.

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One person who reviewed this machine said it tipped over easily. NO WAY!! I've tried to tip this thing over! I had to deliberately tip it down to a 30 degree angle between the downside wheel and the floor before it would go the rest of the way down. Tipping it any less and then letting it go merely resulted in it's dropping back down onto both wheels. It has NEVER tipped up during use - not one bit! It hugged even bare hardwood stairs, staying put beautifully as I cleaned higher up. The hand-held mini-turbinehead is a very useful little tool. I use it on my bedspread (utilizing the suction control) to remove cat hair several times a week. It's wonderful for upholstery and carpeted stairs as well.

The cord is nearly 23 feet long and retracts smoothly and flawlessly every time. I had wanted the stowaway feature, but wanted a longer cord and the Mini Turbinehead, so I put a Velcro loop strap on the hose about 2 feet out from the plastic bracket in the front of the vacuum so that I can strap the two coils of hose together in the back when they're wrapped around the machine for storage. The D-handle on the wand also drops over the top of the floor attachment when it's stored on its bracket and that helps hold it all together for storage as well. NO problem!

The canister removes very easily to be emptied, which I do with each use. I just wrap a plastic grocery bag around at the bottom of the canister and hold it snugly while I press the button to release the bottom flap and close it again before I remove the bag. Clean, quick and easy! The canister drops almost automatically and without any hassle right back into place on the body of the vacuum after emptying. SO SWEET! This part works better and more easily than my daughter's Dyson Ball (which she loves!). My son has the Stowaway and is very happy with it as well. I threw my old Oreck in the dumpster after borrowing my son's Stowaway!

I've used uprights and canisters of all makes and persuasions - Kenmore, Hoover, Kirby, Oreck, Eureka, and on - I've been cleaning house since I was 6 and this beautiful little vacuum is light years ahead of all the rest! Worth every penny!

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